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If you don't see the bee, it's not me!

Some Pictures of My Work

Small jobs - my specialty:


Garden Bench: Before & After


Assemble furniture: Before & After


Replace: exterior lights, shower surrounds, storm doors, window treatments.

No need to remodel your kitchen -

just update it with fresh paint, hardware & countertop:


Before - After - WOW! What a difference!

Small kitchen remodel:


Before - After  - Gorgeous! Now that's a kitchen to cook in!

Handyman jobs:


Enclosed an open area in a bedroom, creating a closet, and hung mirrored doors.


Removed old shelving and replaced with new, providing more adequate storage space in closet.

Interior painting - before and after:


Create an accent wall for dramatic effect!

Exterior painting - before and after :



Looks and feels like a new home - without moving!

Hand crafted one-of-a-kind items:


Bed - Storage Center - Coffee Table

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