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If you don't see the bee, it's not me!

Why Hire "Honey-Do" Services

    At "Honey-Do" Services Painting and Handyman Services we Care about our Customers.

        My name is Floyd Scott and I understand how hard things have gotten economically, and honestly I think most companies have become too large, with too much overhead, and are basically gauging clients across the board!

        I have always been a one man company and have over 20 years experience. I am not a franchise. I do all the work myself. I will never send anyone else into your home. I am not a smoker or drinker and I will treat your home as if it were my own, and your family and belongings with Respect.

        "Honey-Do" Services is trying to turn the clock back to a better time in customer service relations. A time when high quality work, low prices, and an excellent reputation drove a company's success. I strive to acquire business mainly through word of mouth. To me, when a client is so happy with the Quality and Price of my work that they help me to get another job with one of their loved ones, close friends, or neighbors, that is the ultimate complement! I have had success in 3 different states using primarily that form of advertising.

        To grow as a company and be able to serve more clients, I am looking for people in need of a personal contractor just like me. Someone they can trust. Someone with references and a website for them to look at with testimonials they can read. My customers often become repeat customers and friends. Some are like family.

        My prices are uniformly lower than any of my professional competition. I can afford to do this because I myself take the profit cut! I am only out to make a respectable and fair profit for my hard work. Prices will always vary depending on each person's unique needs and material prices at that moment. Material prices do change. I have many references who will attest to the quality of my work.

        I have worked for Home Owners as well as Realtors, Landlords, Retail Stores, Medical and Dental Facilities, Insurance Companies, and Home Owners Associations. I look forward to working with you, your family and friends, and adding all of you to my list of happy customers, and maybe even a friend.


        Floyd Scott, Owner
        "Honey-Do" Services


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